The Year of the Pandemic. We moved to Colorado Springs around the time we learned we were expecting our second born.  Then the pandemic hit.  What a year…

The First Year of Parenthood.  My son, Henry was released from the NICU on January 17th.  We’ve watched him grow so quickly.  We spent six weeks in North Dakota for work.  In November, I was promoted and we moved down to Colorado Springs.  We ended the year with a trip to Southern California to see my in-laws.

The Year of Gastroschisis.  In April, my wife got pregnant.  In May, she got a promotion.  In June, we bought our first house.  In August, our unborn child was diagnosed with gastroschisis.  In December, we moved down to the Aurora, Colorado Ronald McDonald House in case of early labor.  On December 27th we became parents.

The Year we Returned to Colorado.  As my wife and I got into the grove of our new jobs in Colorado, we hit thee ground running.  We found ourselves a new community, planned for the future, and made the best of living in such and amazing state.

The Year Trump got Elected.  Most of my writings turned political in 2016.  My wife and I were huge fans of Bernie Sanders and we devastated to see him loose.  But even more devastating was seeing bigotry and hatred win put in the end.  But life seems to carry on.  Just two day after the election, I was approved for a transfer back to my hometown in Colorado.

The Year I got Married.  I proposed in January in the exact spot that we had first met.  We married in August–the the same wedding day as my parents and grandparents.  In-between, we explored the northeast and found ourselves a strange community in small town we found ourselves in.

My Readjustment Year. After a full year in Peace Corps Morocco, I made my way back to Colorado.   As the readjustment started, I was offered a job with the Social Security Administration in the Hudson Valley.  I moved out to New York to start my career and reunite with the love of my life.

My Year Abroad.  I spent the new year with a beautiful girl in Houston.  However, on January 14th, I joined the Peace Corps.  I spent the first half of the year getting accustomed to the language and culture of Morocco.  2013 will easily have a massive effect on my future writing.

My Year of Jumping into the Fray. 2012 has been a fascinating year in my life and in my writing career.  It marks the first full year that I have lived away from home.  That, mixed with the party atmosphere of my new house, led to plenty of inspiration and plenty of changes.  The year comprised of many events.  In the middle of summer, I suffered a severe panic attack that made me re-evaluate how I was living my life.  As a result, my writing changed drastically.  The year also saw two romances.  The one, early on in the year, had little to no effect on my writing (expect the horrifying break-up forced me out of the house and into the coffee shop much more often).  The latter romance changed my writing, my outlook, and my life for good.

The Last Year of My Youth. 2011 was the year that I spent trying to figure out what I wanted to do with my life.  I was in a community play.  I ran for school board and lost.  I moved away from home.  I applied to the Peace Corps.  I started, and stopped graduate school. I spent the year writing a novel entitled ”Stitch”

My Darkest Year.  I wasted a lot of this year.  I gained a lot of weight.  I worked full time.  I also wrote my second novel–the sequel to Fire Saviors.

My Lost Year. I graduated from college in 2009.  While finishing up my degree, I had plenty of free time.  That is how I completed my first novel.

My College Year. During my time in college, August 2007 through December 2009, I wasn’t able to write much.  It’s a side-effect of having to much reading and writing for class.  In time, 2008 will likely hold most of my collegiate writing.  For now, it is quite thin–at least until I go through my old papers.

That Peculiar Year I became Popular.  In 2007, I turned 18, graduated high school, traveled through Europe, and started college.  For now, here are a few poems I wrote during the year.  More will be updated soon.

My Defining High School Year.  In 2006, I was a junior and a senior in high school.

My Year of Learning Social Cues. In 2005, I became close friends with a group of outsiders in high school.  I was a sophomore/junior in 2005.

My Last Year as a Loner. 2004 was the year that focused on poetry but starting working on prose for the first time.  It started off simple and built from there.

My First Year of Writing I starting writing in 2003.  I was 13 going on 14 at the time.  For my 8th grade English class, we were asked to write a poem.  That’s how it started.  I loved it.  My poems quickly became romantic and I never look back.

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