Click through to see some of the things that influence my life and my writing.

I am a movie addict through and through.  With my MoviePass in hand, we’ve been seeing more movies than ever.  Ever since I worked at a Cinemark (horrible company) back in 2008-2009, I’ve been fascinated by the spectrum of movies that hit the market in any given year.  It’s a great way to grab hold of a new perspective.

Although movies influence me more than anything, books influence my writing style.  I have tried out several different writing styles after reading unique books.  Taking what I like and leaving what I don’t is how my writing style how developed over the years.

TV Shows
My wife and I have become something in the way of Netflix Addicts.  Sadly, this has come at the cost of reading mostly.  But with beautiful stories like “The End of the Fucking World” and “Easy” it is hard not to be engrossed.

Video Games
I consider Video Games to be TV Shows or Movies that you interact with.  Games like “Gone Home” or “Life is Strange” could just as easily have been made for the big screen.  But then there are ones that give you unique perspectives–like Civilization or American Truck Simulator.

I am a Futurist.  I come across a lot of viral videos that blow my mind–especially when it is about the near future.  This group of videos may seem strange, but they are the ones that have changed the way I think.

Music doesn’t usually influence me all that much.  I do listen to music as I write, however.  This list is an assortment of what I listen to and some songs that have made me think.