I have always been a politically oriented person.  I was in sixth grade during the 2000 election.  That sparked my interest.  By the 2004 election, I was writing a political column for my high school newspaper.  In 2010, I ran for my local school board  and lost (too young; to liberal).  I express my opinions best in writing.  So here are a few.

Please Take My Guns
This piece is a reaction to the July 20th Aurora, Colorado Theater Shootings.  I live a hour north of where the shootings took place.  I had a surprising strong reaction to the events–it felt like another Columbine to me.  Anyway, this piece takes into account the gun debate and the culture of Colorado as a whole.

Community Demands
My mind is wired to see social structures.  I can look at a group of people and identified the power structure quite easily.  In this piece, I compare the communities of the two cities that I have lived in.  It is, at the same time, a very personal piece about belonging.