When Life Interferes With Writing

I have always been one to say that writing is 10% skill and 90% experience.  I almost never let my writing get in the way of life.  Doing so would be counterproductive.  If you spend so much time writing that you do not experience life, you writing with suffer significantly.  However, this does cause a problem from time to time.  Sometimes life has so much to throw at you that you don’t have time to write.

The last few days have been…intense.  Although I knew I was learning a lot, I couldn’t let it interfere with my writing completely.  I gave myself plenty of time to figure out what I thought about the situation, and plenty more time to talk it out with my friends.  Luckily, I’ve built a life that gives me plenty of free time.  Thank god.  I had enough time to write and make sure my life was being attended to.  As a result, the drama has concluded and I am staring at the 35,000 words I’ve written over the last 21 days.  Incredible.  With 35,000-45,000 words left to write, I am at or closely approaching the halfway point in my novel.

…and I’ve only been writing for three weeks.

Today’s update includes influences in the way of viral videos.

Sometimes a simple idea can be astounding.  Noah  did just that with his video.  This video shows age and change in a way I have never seen before.  I even started my own Everyday Project.

What do you think?

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