An Emotional Day


What a strange day this was.  I woke up with a start to the news that gripped the nation.  My good friend–Jordan–and I spent the morning sifting through the news to try to understand what was happening.  After getting our fill and debating endlessly about Gun Control and Human Nature, we decided to see The Dark Knight Rises.  We were both slightly afraid of going…but felt a need to tell the shooter to go fuck himself.  Much like getting on a plane after 9/11.  It was a great movie, by the way.

The day only became more emotional when I realized a family member’s long roller coaster with her employers is about to meet its fruition.  I cried for awhile as the emotions of the day flooded in.  I ended up spending the evening moving furniture.  Physical activity is a great way to get out pent up emotion.  So is writing.  After helping my friend’s move, I came back to my coffee shop and wrote, wrote, wrote.  Nothing takes care of pent up emotion better than writing.  My extended writing about gun control is below.

Please Take My Guns


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