Free Pussy Riot and Stand Up for Freedom of Speech

@suzanne_moore My fave things Pussy Riot are a reminder that revolution always begins in culture | Suzanne Moore
The story of Pussy Riot is a strange one.  As a writer, issues of free speech always catch my attention.  My writing always strays into the deep end.  I like exploring the world we live in by questioning every facet of that world.  For me, that is done through writing.  Through others, it is art.  For some, it is music.  So when a story like this one comes along, I cannot help but talk about it.  Freedom of Speech will only become a worldwide freedom if we continue to push it in every corner of this world.
@MotherJones Pussy Riot’s imprisonment has become a symbol of artistic struggle against political repression. Here’s how:
Part of an artist’s job is to challenge their audience.  Put them in a place that they don’t feel comfortable…then make them think about it honestly and critically.  So, when Pussy Riot sang about anarchy in Russia, they knew full well that they were doing something morally right although legally wrong.  What I doubt they expected was to be in jail for months on end and semi-tortured (no official proof…yet).  Artists are the people who challenge culture and propel us forward.  Imprisoning them is nothing more than trying to stop the future from happening.
@freepussyriot Release the young women of Pussy Riot and immediately end their unjust criminal trial! #freepussyriot
The confusing part of these arrests is that backlash should be expected.  People will always love their artists more than they love their government.  When a government imprisons an artist for nothing more than to protect the government…the people will not stand for it.  That is why we are seeing large protests in Russia.  I recommend everyone follows the link below to sign the petition to free Pussy Riot.
@freepussyriot SIGN Release the young women of Pussy Riot and immediately end their unjust criminal trial! #FREEPUSSYRIOT
If the world stands behind the people of Russia as the people of Russia stand up to Vladimir Putin, we will be victorious.  Pussy Riot needs to be released.  That will not be the end of it.  The people of Russia understand the need for Free Speech.  We must help them fight for it….since protesting in Russia is still technically illegal.
@JulianSimpson1 Amnesty Intl campaign on Pussy Riot. Please RT.
@suigenerisjen #PussyRiot members ‘deprived of sleep and food’ during trial
@democracynow Members of Russian Feminist Punk Group @pussy_riot Tried for Church Protest

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