A Week for the Record Books

The past week has been jam-packed with so much emotion and change.  It’s difficult to even begin the process of understanding what has happened.  It all started this past weekend with a 60-hour trip to Seattle to surprise a friend for her 21st birthday.  While there, I became a part of a 26-hour relationship that has since upended my understanding on what I want for myself in the months and years ahead.

Upon returning to Colorado, I started the process of moving back to my hometown.  The central idea was to be closer to my family for the final holiday season before I leave for the Peace Corps.  It’s been a strange transition.  Now, as of a few hours ago, my father was just laid off.  My God…it’s been one hell of a week.  Here’s the first piece of writing to come of it.  I pounding it out this morning after hearing the news about my father.

When Politics Gets Personal

One thought on “A Week for the Record Books

  1. 26-hour relationship…that’s a new one on me. I’m either sorry or happy it ended (depending on the circumstances), or happy that it’s still going on (if it is). I’m also very likely happily putting my foot in my mouth.

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