End of the Work Week

I spent the last four days in a Elementary School Severe Special Education classroom here in Greeley, Colorado.  It was exhausting  but amazing.  It looks like I’ll be holding onto the same assignment for at least part of next week.  For now, however, the work wee is officially over.  It’s long overdue.  I am sore and quite tired.  I will sleep well tonight.  But, before then, I have some writing to do–and a fun weekend planned.

I am going to work on the remodel a little bit then write for a little bit.  As promised, I am going to continue providing you with poems from my teenage year.  This one is from the end of 2003.  Most of my angsty poems will be from 2004.  Most of them are rather simple, but they are still enjoyable.  Here you go:

A Life Without Love


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