The Culture of Rape

SlutwalkI hope you can excuse my week-long absence.  After updating last, I got a text from my quasi-girlfriend in Houston, Texas.  What followed was a bunch of running about.  About 15 hours after the first text, I was on the road.  I spent New Years with her.  I got to meet her family.  I got to meet her adopted grandfather.  I got to decipher Spanish when the family talked to each other.  It was a great way to spend the first few days of 2013 with her.  Now, back in Colorado, I am preparing to leave for Morocco.  Today is my Goodbye party.  I also have only 20 items on my To-Do list.  It will be a crazy week, but I should be ready in time.

Today’s update is important to me.  I spent the past two or three weeks trying to perfect this article.  After a long late-night discussion with one of my closest friends, I had to write it.  The article revolves around rape and Slutwalk.  I didn’t realize until recently how strongly I feel about this.  The news out of India only makes me realize how severe the problem is.  Still, my article is only focused on America because this is the only culture I have spent a significant amount of time in.  I hope to get some feedback.

Thank you,

Dismantling the Culture of Rape in America

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