2004 was the year that focused on poetry but starting working on prose for the first time.  It started off simple and built from there.

Imminent Death: Problem With Furbies.  This is the first in a series of comedic writings that explore my dark humor.

November 2nd, 2004My first real attempt at political writing looks at the (upcoming) second election of George W. Bush.

Where is the Pain?  This is pretty much my first prose piece ever.  I wrote it after walking home in a chilly snow storm.

My poetry became a little bit more angsty in 2004.  Almost all of my poetry was romantic   I was 14 and 15 this year; starting my Freshmen year of high school.  Although most of the poems are about one girl, several girls caught my eye.  The poetry gets much better as the year passes.  There are a lot here to choose from.  Sorry about that.

All That Matters
The One Thing the World Needs
Those Beautiful Eyes
Speak of a Sin
The Sight of You
When You Look at Me
Look at Me
’cause I know
True Love
One Thing Left
What It’s All About
Our Autumn Fall
One Question
No Time for Fear
We as One
Our Truth
‘Twas a Problem
4 Waves, 1 Finger
Don’t Give a Damn
I Can
Live a Little
Guiding Light
Seat One.  Seat Two.
Without You
Who I am
I Don’t Want to Fly Alone.
One Day Down
My Fear

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