Those Beautiful Eyes

When we met
I saw those eyes
O those beautiful eyes
Upon a shameless face
Don’t tear these eyes
Of shining blue

I don’t know what to do
Do they stare me through
Or is this just you
No fear stands upon these eyes
But I can’t say this too
Every time I see those two
I shake with fear and turn away

To see this through
I’ll look at you
No matter where you are
I’ll be with you
But when you’re there
I know it’s true
But what to do

I look upon those eyes
My breath holds true
I speak of nothing
Not even you
To speak of you is like a sin
With heavy burdens upon my skin
Yet I’ve spoke not of you
Will it hold true
Or shall I speak to you

Yet there is another
He saw you too
I know he’s true
And so are you
You say not but love
I try not to scream
As I feel inside

And then one found me
I say but a word
Now I see you look at me
You think I am true
But I can’t be as you
For I love you

One thought on “Those Beautiful Eyes

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