In a Storm

The sun will fall in the west
The moon will rise in the east
But the stars shall not shine through
For tonight, it’s not but rain

The steam rises from the streets
Wind shall shudder leafless trees
The grass will shiver
And the rocks will split

But this cannot stop me

The lightning strikes
The thunder roars
The hail falls
The roads ice over

I feel a flash, but yet no pain
I hear a roar, but hear no more
I see the ice break through my skin
I slip and fall, but then I crawl

I must see you

I pull myself up to your step
The strength inside begins to build
The pain within subsides
I reached the door that leads to you

I knock and pound and scream for you
Until the answer comes
You see me and I see you
And now I fall into your arms

You left me in a storm
And now I am no more

One thought on “In a Storm

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