‘Twas a Problem

‘Twas a man
‘Twas a woman
‘Twas another man
‘Twas a problem

She doesn’t understand what love really means
She pushes for more, but will get far less
What you look for in two
Is nothing when brought side to side with the one

When they both left your side, how’d you feel inside?
If it’s something you search for, it’ll never be found
What you don’t understand, will bring you down to the ground
If you learn just one thing, learn what life really means

Now a tale you have, caught up at heart
It’s a mere disbelief, in the eyes of those other two
You must let it go, to find your way
You must live your life, with no more concern

‘Twas a man pure at heart
‘Twas a woman pure at body
‘Twas another man pure at mind
‘Twas a problem

One thought on “‘Twas a Problem

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