We as One

A moonlight stroke across my face
The bitter cold that flushes over
The soft-blown wind that brings a chill
The ever-growing fact that I am alone

A simple surprise to curb the cold
A simple touch to command the wind
The moonlight now with us together
The ever-growing fact that you are here

Hand in hand, we hold each other
Together we find ourselves and each other
Whatever I feared lay off, without reason
Whenever I adored you, I was right

So here we stand, beneath the ever-waxing moon
There is nothing to say for we already know
Our moment of all knowing is to be ever-lived
For we are as one, as we are to be

The far off darkness is something to fight
For we are in lightness, never consumed
No fiend can lurk upon us
Nor fear of what we are

Our time together will not be short-lived
Our life as one is everlasting
Our day under the stars is not to be forgotten
We as one will live forever

One thought on “We as One

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