What It’s All About

A hole felt an entire life
Something missing I cannot know
So I live life on in ignorant bliss
Only hoping the answer will find me

Then came the day that I saw you
A smile on every curve
A laugh on every remark
And something more I cannot find

Shimmering down on my life you came
Ever since there hasn’t been a moment I wondered
Is this what life is about
Then why is it so hard?

Your humor evokes me
Your laugh deceives me
Your smile intimidates me
Your beauty suppresses me

So much to tell you
So much to hide
So much to ponder
So much to worry

Throw it all out
I don’t give a damn
It’s not about friends, family or fears
It’s not about love, lust or happiness

It’s about you and me

One thought on “What It’s All About

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