Where is the Pain

Pain is my drug. It’s the simple way to cloud your mind from everything. Take in the pain and block it out along with everything else you wish to forget. The simplest cooling of your mind as you feel your body melt away. Pulling away of the world and rules around you puts a silence to all who wish to contradict. No fears of the people. No fears of the problems. No fears of the fears. Then a sensation puts a strain inside that turns to satisfaction throughout. A never-ending bliss in the nothingness of the mind. A moment in darkness where the mind knows no else. My body and its fears are gone. The easiest way to separate body from mind.

A cloud in the sky. A trickle from above. A crystal of the cold. A wind to hold you back. This is where you can find the everlasting satisfaction you’ve been searching for. The surging pain flows through your very blood. The purifying walk through the subzero. No shudder of fear of what is to happen. No bad can happen as I travel through the artic open. From house of rest to house of education, I travel. No white may fly in the sky but the gathered on the ground will make up for that. Moment to moment, the truth will comes. There’s a drug within all of us. We just need to find it. It’ll free us all.

From the heated room of a darkened house to frigid cold of a dawning world. The sensation inside of you passes from homely to lonely. The gathered snow from last nights fall crunches beneath your sullen shoes. A grim expression crosses your face… Call it a smile. A barren wasteland with leafless trees spreads across the horizon. The grass itself is frozen. The mist from the far and distant mountains pierces through your skin like a thin piece of glass. Just to survive puts the vibe into life. Breathe in and freeze the lungs. Breathe out the clouded air.

Eyes narrow. Smile thickens. On and on your travel goes. Ice and snow. Slips and bruises. You travel lengthens beyond time and worry. No life ahead or behind is to be remembered. A life of here and now is overwhelmed. The clouded world is no more. No covered light or hidden pain will break into the separate mind. The traveling eye along what’s paved can reach nothing but you. A sense of power. A sense of strength. A sense of pain.

Face goes soft, then goes numb. But truth be told, pain only gathers. Fingers twitching, eyes not blinking, no birds singing. The homely is unknown. The lonely becomes all. All knowledge is forgotten. All power losses meaning. What’s left is a life with the truth of the world. With destination closing, my drug has settled. And now I yearn for more.

Destination found. Rest the mind. No one knows who I was.

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