Why do I hold it back?
Why do I think you’d never care for me?

Why don’t I take a chance?
Stop looking at what could be
And seeing just what is

Am I afraid of you?
Am I afraid you’d never see me that way?

Why…why, why, why, why, why, why

Why don’t I just tell you?
There is nothing to fear
You could feel the exact same way

Why do I wait for you to come to me?
You may not be aware
It is I who really wants you

Life won’t give me a break
It fights for all I want
But leaves me none to spare

What if you were the one?
And I just stood here
Looking at you

But you smile at me
What could it be?

If I just stand here and wonder
What would you do?
Would you understand?

I just want to be there
Holding you close
But I falter with fear
And hold it in tight
Hoping it doesn’t blow


What if you felt the same
You held it in too
Lost in each other
Not saying a word

What is it about you?
That makes me feel so
But makes me retreat

Living our life of wonder
In our very way
With everything we care for

Now it’s time to remember
The pain that just doesn’t leave
We don’t just feel fine

I cannot remember when I felt this way
But now it’s too strong
The fear is beside it
Waiting to catch me
Waiting to kill me

Why can’t I just say it?
If everything’s fine
We’ll live within each other
And if you don’t care
I’ll find another to wipe up my tears

What if we felt the same?
And never we spoke it

Life…..This is your game
Your just having fun
I can break through

You, you’re the one I want
You’re the one I care for

You, will always be here
Inside my heart
Whispering to my soul

And now, after I tell you
What will you say?
Can you really love me?
Can you really care?

Now, I just have to wonder
What you will say
Can you really love me?
Can you really care?

Now, I just have to wonder
What you will say
What you really want

Say it
Just like I did
I have no fear
I just want you here

Now I just have to wonder
Make your own moment
Live your own life

Just give me an answer
That’s all that I want
That’s all that I need

I just want to know…

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