There’s been so many I’ve grown to adore
But there’s been so many I haven’t told
There’s something here that keeps it closed inside
Something not to fear or enjoy

Sit back for days and think it on
See her tomorrow and think again
Write her letters you dare not send
Lay them aside to grow old with time

Read them again
Don’t fix a line
They are too divine

Everything you feel now lies in words embraced in your mind
You can play them again and again
Now everything you mean to me is set here for all time

Who is to read these words?
One pure at heart can read pure at mind
Words spoken are hesitant
But these will last forever

Hand her you purity
Hand her your will
Hand her your mind
Hand her your heart

What to do but wait
A day, a week, a month, a year
The day must come

For years I wait with no respond
An emotion buried to deep to pry
I will wait here till I die

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