Would you care?

The beauty upon your face
Brings a smile upon mine
I love to love
….But I fear to die

I see your picture
And how you’ve changed
You understand it
And you help me through

I understand now
One problem remains…I’ve fallen for you

Without you I would be lost…
…Lost within the soul that traps me

Talk so late of all the love
Feeling life begin to change

Is it you or life I love?

Do I ignore what you think of me?
Is what you seek like who I am?
Or do I wait for what’s not there?
Just hoping the day will finally come…

So much easier without emotion
No love to care
Nor fear to hide

But life is left without a care…
…I need my love to love

You keep my mind and life with you
You’re the emotion that sparks my life

Would you care if I told you?

One thought on “Would you care?

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