This is an interesting year.  I spent the new year with a beautiful girl in Houston.  However, on January 14th, I joined the Peace Corps.  I spent the first half of the year getting accustomed to the language and culture of Morocco.  2013 will easily have a massive effect on my future writing.  Although I did not write much creatively throughout the year, I developed many ideas and created a new life for myself.


TocinaAfter the surprise death of my dog–only one week before I was to leave for Morocco–I wrote this poem.


Saying Goodbye to Mom and Dad.  As my time in Peace Corps training came to a close, I came to realize how close I was with my host family.  This piece is about that realization and the overarching truth about love.


Inescapable  After getting to my final site, I wrote this poem.  It was a simple idea I needed to share.  I’ve felt this strange contradiction inside me my entire life.  I finally found a way to express it…and work to better myself.


PacifyThis is my first piece of writing since moving into my very own apartment in Morocco.  Much of my time right now is free.  That means I have to much time to wonder what the world is like….and what it should be like.


The Quarry. During my busy summer, I had a quick six day turn-around in my city in-between camps.  I wrote this one evening as I looked out over the view behind my apartment.


The Man & The Box.  A flash fiction piece I wrote while hanging out at the cafe.  It’s my take on the life of one of the men I see there every day.

What do you think?

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