50-Day Memory Challenge

The 50-Day Memory Challenge is an intensive mental workout designed to ignite the mind of a writer.  By writing each day, the writer will struggle and persevere though writer’s block time and time again.  Halfway through the challenge, sitting down and pumping out a new memory will be second nature to the writer.  By the end of the challenge, the writer will be racking his or her mind for find a remaining memory worth putting onto paper.  Upon completion of the challenge, the writer will be used to sitting down and writing on a daily basis—making it easier to move onto a new writing project.

If you embark on this challenge, send me your link and I will post it here.

Here are the basic rules:

  1. Upload one memory every day for 50 continuous days.
  2. One update must be of your first memory.
  3. Starting with your earliest memory, you should have at least one memory of each age.
  4. Cover each memory fully and without exaggeration.
  5. Vary the type of memories (travel, romance, school, work, etc.)
  6. Finally, make a list of everyone who has played an important role in your life—good or bad.  Do not post this list.  As you write your memories, cross off each person you’ve written about.  Try to cover everyone on the list.

Here I go:

Day One: Entering the Peace Corps
Day Two: Inauguration Day 2009
Day Three: Watching Colorado Burn
Day Four: The Injured Goose
Day Five: How She Lost Her Mother Twice
Day Six: My Sister’s Wedding
Day Seven: Lightening in the Cemetery
Day Eight: Kicked out of a Bar
Day Nine: Birth of My Niece
Day Ten: Dances with Cougars
Day Eleven: AIM Crush Realization

One thought on “50-Day Memory Challenge

  1. Hey Richard! I need to get in the habit of writing everyday so I’m up for the challenge but I’m a little unclear about the rules. My blog link is http://www.jordone.wordpress.com but I’m going to give you a call to get clear on the rules before I start! ..God bless you, Jordone…

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