I tend to crawl toward shadows
Constantly hiding from the Sun
Prolonged exposure leaves me weary
A thirst that can’t be mollified
But High Noon comes—I made no shelter
Inhale—long and deliberate—
Now face the fact: Alone and naked in the desert
Willpower suffice—acclimate and persevere
What idol summoned me?  I dare no ask
But blowing sands have told me why

1 April 2013

4 thoughts on “Inescapable

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  2. Growth is sometimes painful, but always worth it in the end. You are making a difference, and this will have a positive impact your life forever. You are very brave and I am so proud. I love you!

  3. Hi Richard,
    This post reminds me of the feelings I had when we moved to Colorado 40 years ago.
    I left behind my parents, several relatives and friends of over 10 years. Even though I had my husband, a 4 yr old, a new baby and my favorite aunt, I felt so alone and disconnected. The first trip back to South Dakota was horrible; i felt like everyone had moved on to other things and left me behind. Then it dawned on me: I, too, had moved on to new experiences without them! It took awhile, but eventually things settled down, and I realized everything was the same as it had always been…just different! As silly as that last statement seems, it will make sense someday! Hang in there and enjoy your new experiences!

  4. Richard,

    I believe you are feeling what many of us have. The difference is that you can capture and put in words better than most. Did I ever tell you the story about “Sundays” when i first moved to Greeley? Remind me and I will next time we Skype.
    Never forget that “Family” is ever-present. And you have a very large “Family”.
    The time will speed up again… I am sure.
    Love, Dad

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