The Quarry

Inspired by beauty I caught in the day
Blocked by limits that each word presents

Three veiled women stand on the edge of a quarry
A sideways glance shares more than a common language

Put your feet as close to the brink as you dare
Feel the fear that your body can do nothing if your mind commands

Now stop, turn, and pose for the picture
This moment means nothing if it’s not for the camera

We sit overlooking the same vista below
You sit with your friends while I sit alone

I came here presuming so much of your life
But how could that be when I barely knew mine

The same beauty guides us towards the light
The same fear stops us before we try

And if our lives intersect but once
Please know that I heard you when you said, “Hello.”


Written 26 June 2013

One thought on “The Quarry

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