How strange it is to imagine:
A long ago day in a city I don’t know.

A man starts a family I will never meet.
How large the house, I’ll never know.
How happy the family, it’s hidden to me.
What job he held, it’s impossible.
Nor why they got a dog.

All I want to do is thank this man;
He’ll never know what he did for me.

A dog with soft fur I will never pet.
How big is her yard, I’ll never know.
How often are walks, it’s hidden from me.
Do they let you on the couch, it’s impossible.
Nor why you were never spayed.

All I want to do is thank this bitch.
She’ll never know what she did for me.

A dog gives licks I’ll never feel.
Why they gave you up, I’ll never know.
How many pups they made you have, it’s hidden from me.
Were you happy, it’s impossible.
Nor why I found you that fateful day.

I walked in your home and cried foul;
Buying puppy mill pups always feels like a rescue.

A dog I hold the entire drive home.
A dog well deserving of her name.
A dog who snores until rooms shake.
A dog who snorts to show her love.
A dog I will always love.

I held you as your body when limp.
Please rest in heaven when human food.

I’ll thank the man who started the family.
I’ll thank the bitch that was never spayed.
I’ll thank your mother and wish her well.
They will never know how much I love them.
For the treasure they gave me—You.

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