i’ve heard the story more than once
of loyalty dying without a peep

they had you tied up to a tree
no kibbles or snacks—whatever was left
your body, then feeble, started to crack
barks, unanswered,  the cold took hold
frozen to the bone when help finally came

i’m sorry about what happened to you
please know that we did learn

for when you were replaced
keen eyes did take note
for when the cold came
she freed your friend
a hero in the night

my mother took her
we knew she belonged

i was young when she arrived
convinced that i would change the world
when I failed, she found my tears
took to my lap—i held her close
slobber warm, snickers ensue

a friend so close
we need no words

with care and love, her body healed
brown fur turns white
no longer scared of her own voice
a lap dog thirty pound too much
forever in love—her and i

years do pass
loyalty revealed

the cancer found her in twilight years
but, strong as always, she prevailed
two years we knew this was ahead
two years i stayed in her shadow
until that final month

i left for love
she lost her battle

screaming silent sorrys in my sleep
how could I miss her final days?
after the years she gave me
after the care she showed
after the love she gave

now she’s beside you
in worlds unknown

please know i love you both
your voice did not go unheard
your cries gave life to another
one with unborrowed affection
for that we share in clan

please guide her in her revolution
please hold her close at night


[13 November 2012]

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