For Jaccob

Eating breakfast takes a week.
Full night’s sleep? A couple minutes.
How ‘bout that millennial kiss?

It’s not time that makes the world go round
The world going round makes the time

When I think of you—I think with time
I do my best to think regardless
Consumed by love—it is eternal

I know not where you ended up
But times there is forever

As you watch me (and her), how does it pass?
Will I be with you in a blink?
Or has another forever just passed by?

I see you looking down on me—wise beyond time
I wish I could feel time—and I could see forever

The life I live now is the one I want
The lessons learned are well sought
My time on Earth, a tribute to the mind

I will not let my mind forsake its own
That’s how I lost you in the end

It hurts to think of empty spaces
The ones you would have filled
Gracing with your simple touch

You fire engulfs me, time to time
Driving tears to dowse the flames

Your spirit lingers in every corner
Bringing strength into my bones
Making the days so simple

Time brings power to this Love, but
If time’s not real, Love knows no limits

18 June 2007

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