Questions Deep in a Cavern


Open sores pus with no chance of healing.
In a cavern so deep, with no glimpse of tomorrow.

I can’t quite explain why mind has stopped working.
Nor why every thought brings back memories of you.

Three years have passed since I shed my last tear.
Yet here you are now, to witness despair.
First come the eyes, then the curve of your body.
From behind the silence (I cry to rejoice).
Comes the defining roar of your cautious voice

Simple musing, you posed, with deliberate intent.
I rambled with for hours just to watch your reaction.

How was I to know what your questions meant?
That they drift through your soul as you float on towards death.

My memory—
My memory reminds me of your questions today.
But now they are mine—in need of answers to stay.
I saved your life that day—solutions suffice.
Alone—without words—no one left to entice.

Tonight in my cavern, I can feel all the maggots.
—The maggots.

You found your reason to leave/I pushed you away
Either way I lie—rotting—on this very day.

Numbness pours through my skin—up into my brain.
I see you above me—to my plight you are blind.
So desperate—
So desperate with shame, I shout out every question.
My life’s in the balance—prepare the procession.

You silence shows how little you care.
—You care.

No longer—
No longer a problem (I’m ready to go).

Come closer, my darling, let me look in your eyes.
—Your eyes.
Please see me today without the disguise.
—The disguise.
Now I know what you mean.

Numbness burns worse than pain.


Written 8 May 2012

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