The Wailing Wall


Tears fall through silent screams.
I feel the sobs that shake our shared wall.

The words season swiftly in my mind.
They become stale all the same.
Not a sound leaves my lips.
Forever a thought that never gets its day.
Never a chance to invoke the change you need.

I could make everything better.
I could end your agony.

Through the wailing of the walls, I cannot help but wonder.
Will I find you in the morning—
curled up in a pool of blood with every sharp sound—
The clicking of a door—The melody of your step—
The essence of your corpse consumes me.

I could make everything worse.
I could make you end it all.

But I lay there,  motionless, to ponder what it means.
Would I feel responsible?
Would I thunder with anger?
Or even let myself remember?
And then the sobbing ends.

Whether you sleep or die tonight,
By morning, I start without you.

Written 26 March 2012
Revised 2 May 2012
Revised 16 May 2012

One thought on “The Wailing Wall

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