Young Darling

52 pounds and looking so bright.

Dressed up head to toe in clothes far too tight.

Test words slither out to see if I care.
I turn a deft ear—my very own snare.

Young Darling, one day you’ll know what I know.
Silence means listening—not that I’m slow.

Unencumbered she talks alone with her friends.
Unaware that I follow the twist, turns, and bends.

Across the table is a girl all alone.
Enjoying the peace is all she has shown.

Cunning Young Darling presents her sly question.
“Do you know what it means to be a good Christian?”

My ears perk up with quiet delight.
How rare it is to see such a fight.

Hunched over the table, she continues to draw.
Her lips barely move as her words start to thaw.

“A good Christian, Atheist, Muslim, or Jew
simply needs to stop acting like you.”

The joy of the youth may show on my face.
Young Darling, you have fallen from grace.

Written 3 May 2012
Revised 4 May 2012

3 thoughts on “Young Darling

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