The 50 Day Memory Challenge is a daily writing assignment I developed in early 2012.  The original idea was to do it once a day.  If you can accomplish that, great.  If not, it doesn’t matter.The idea is to keep me writing on a daily basis while sparking old memories.  I don’t have a very good memory, so I hope this challenge will help.  Feel free to steal this challenge and do your own. Here are the guidelines:

  1. Upon completion, you should have memories of each age (that you can remember).
  2. Upon completion, you must have at least one memory that falls under each: Happiest, Saddest, Excited, Craziest, Vivid, Romantic, and Embarrassing.
  3. Try to include one memory of every person who was important to you at some point in your life.
  4. Memory must not be altered (to the best of your ability).

Day One: Love in Frankfurt
Day Two: Kicked Out of a Bar
Day Three: The Abortion & Remembrance
Day Four: AIM Crush Realization
Day Five: The Break Up
Day Six: Daddy Problems
Day Seven: Running for School Board
Day Eight: Inauguration Road Trip
Day Nine: Losing Your Infant Son
Day Ten: The Opposite of Lonely
Day Eleven: The Injured Goose
Day Twelve: Dances with Cougars
Day Thirteen: My Sister’s Wedding
Day Fourteen: My First Girlfriend
Day Fifteen: Birth of My Niece
Day Sixteen: Lightning in the Cemetery
Day Seventeen: Losing Your Mother, Again
Day Eighteen: Batting Practice
Day Nineteen: My 9/11 Story

What do you think?

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