I am a 23 year old writer.  A lot of what I write about from time to time is incredible personal.  Although I usually try to funnel that energy into writing creative fiction–that doesn’t happen.  Whenever I write something about myself, I will put it here.  Fair warning–these pieces are very raw.  I don’t tend to skimp on the details.

Goals for a 20-Something
All always set long-terms goals for myself.  Without challenges, I feel like I am not moving forward.  This is a piece evaluating my goals from my teenage years and placing new goals for the decade ahead of me.

Jaccob: Year Six
In 2006, when I was 17, I accidently got my girlfriend pregnant.  In the weeks that followed, we decided on an abortion.  Six years of reflection has followed that decision.  This is my take on the events and the subject matter.

I am a hopeless romantic.  This is my contemplation about my future love life.  This piece covers the central idea: who do I want to be when I meet the girl I am meant to be with?