Why Modern Revolutions Fail

The more I learn about how things really are, the more truths I find about human nature.  The state of the Western World is not a covert conspiracy.  It looks like one and operates like one, but it is not.  It is the inevitable result of the system we have in place.  Under capitalism, an aristocracy is inevitable.  When our government works in tandem with this idea, a problem occurs.  An absurd amount of power falls into the hands of the few.  Even in the best of hands, this system will deteriorate.  It has deteriorated into what we have today.

When such a system is in place, it usually corrects itself over time through revolution or reform.  As centuries pass, however, little has changed.  We’ve earned our social rights, but not our economic rights.  From time to time we see the problem or certain aspects of it.  Look at the Occupy Wall Street Movement.  They have grasped part of this concept.  So, is it inevitable that they will succeed?

No.  The current system of Capitalism that we have protects itself better than most systems do.  In 1848, almost every country in Europe experienced a revolt against their Monarch.  The monarchs banded together and knew what they were doing.  They didn’t squash the revolt.  They ignored it.  In time, it simply went away.

So it is with Occupy.  At first, the movement gained momentum because it was being attacked—by the media, the government, and the police.  This gives credence to movement.  But it needs more.  Since the initial surge, Occupy has fallen into the idea that they will simply outlast the cooperation until they give in.  They will not.  Like every form of economic revolt before them, they will be ignored into irrelevancy.

This is where we learn a strange aspect of human nature.  Millions across the western world may have been awoken by the Occupy Movement.  Several thousand may have even dug deep enough that they wanted a true revolt against the current system.  So, what happens when they fail?  You would expect them to try a different approach, right?  But we are humans with specific needs.  Even if we dislike the system we are in, we must live within it.

The man who held the megaphone can be silence because his daughter needs to be fed.  The woman with ideas that could turn the minds of millions can be cast aside because she is buried beneath a sea of student loans, rent, and utilities.  That is how Capitalism protects itself.  The 1% knows full well that they are winning on the backs of the poor.  The thing is, they also know that they can be ignored because the people who should be starting the revolution are otherwise occupied within the economy they created.

What happens, then, when a revolutionary makes it through the drudge?  Will the words be heard?  Will the masses be moved? No.  In today’s society, revolution is not possible.  Remember, you must first change the values of the masses before you encourage a strike against the system as a whole.  While a few revolutionaries may trickle through, their audience is limited.

The masses are limited by choice and endless entertainment.  All revolutions happen when the average person starts to think that an atmosphere of chaos is better than continuing down the same road.  Currently, the masses are occupied by movies, television, video games, StumbleUpon, Facebook, Tumbler, parties, sex life, alcohol, and weed.  They are complacent in their pleasure-filled life.

How does one start to affect the nature of the masses?  I have always been of the opinion that in order to change something, you must master it first.  If you want to change the schools in your state, put yourself on a path that will make you the Director of Education.  So, how do we sneak our way to the top of a system we hope to dismantle?  We become a part of it.

Imagine a movie or T.V. show that presents the message you are reading right now.  How often to you see that?  Almost never.  We must work to change that.  Flood StumbleUpon, Facebook, and Tumbler with the truth.  Host parties where you discuss the truth and what we can do as individuals to circumvent it.  Produce independent movies, online shows, or books that are distributed free of charge.  If the Average Joe knows what is wrong and what they can do about it, society will start to change.

If you succeed, it is only a matter of time before society starts to realize that we can overcome the centuries-long slavery we have endured.

4 January 2012

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