Getting into Summer Camp

June 30, 2013Today is the fifth day of a ten day Summer camp which me and there other volunteers are working at.  We’ve done lots of songs.  We’ve taught the kids about eating healthy and exercising.  We’ve done art.  We even did a couple hours on environmentalism.  Now, halfway through the camp, I am really into the swing of things.  Today we are going to the swimming pool with more than 60 kids.  It is going to be crazy.

Today is a special day for me.  It has been since 2006.  It’s a day where I spend a lot of time thinking.  It’s strange how quickly time goes by at times.  Then again, considering how much has changed in the past seven years, it’s incredible how slow time is simultaneously.  Here is the piece I prepared for today.  I hope you like it.

Seven Years Later…

Relief & Sad Memories

I feel extremely accomplished.  I finished my most difficult Elance job yesterday–and the client is very happy with the work.  Today, I helped clean my house, spent a good deal of time editing, and applied to a couple new jobs.  I feel like Summer is fully underway–which is great considering it’s the solstice today.  I just want to edit and read for the next couple days.  that would leave me with a smile on my face.

Today’s memory is a strong challenger for one of the saddest memories of my life.  The story is about the death of my friend’s seven-month old son.  I wrote the memory while at my coffee shop.  I teared up quite a bit and did everything I could to hide my tears from the people around me.  It’s so strange writing emotional things while in public–like you are the keeper of a secret.

Day Nine: Losing Your Infant Son