Aurora Memorial Service


I spent today in Aurora, Colorado.  We should up several hours early to help set up the human wall.  The main idea was to keep inappropriate protesters away from the mourners.  In the end, the human wall was incredibly success.  More than 1,000 people showed up to protect the mourners in Aurora.  So much that the human wall deteriorated into a crowded buffer zone.  I would say nearly ten thousand people came to show their respect.

I am incredibly tired from today.  I am going to do my best not to continue talking about this massacre as the days go on….for my own sanity.  This has been a life-changing week for me in a very strange way I cannot yet explain.  I will leave you today with a picture I took at the memorial service.  It is an overview of the human wall.


Westboro Baptist Church in Aurora


There will be no update today.  I wanted to give you guys at least a memory update.  But I woke up and the Universe gave me other plans.  The bastards at the Westboro Baptist Church are coming out to Aurora, Colorado to protest the memorial services of the 12 people who died in the Dark Knight Rises theater shooting.  Reddit is organizing a human wall to put a barrier between the protesters and the mourners.

My friends and I are heading down there here in the next couple hours.  We will not let them bring further pain to this community.  I expect to see hundreds of people here for this event.  Please, if you live within driving distance, please join us.  The memorial service is planned for 6:30 this evening at Aurora City Hall.

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