These Days We Wait


Is this fear sinking behind my eyes?
Or the bliss of a nameless tomorrow?

Taking risks was my par for the course.
Jump on a plane and fly off to Europe.
Jump off a plane and ready your shoot.
Barefoot running through fields of snow.
Driving on empty for miles on end.

The risks, in time, have come and gone.
Adrenaline runs until silence slays.

The culture of my life is still waiting in vain.
Stuck in mute while friends find theirs.
Wondering to myself: Where is my own?
How did I forget to build a life myself?
Is there an escort to show me the way?

Slapped into sentience, she screams at me.
“Wake up or you will never find me.”

I’m tired of these almost lovers.
Of friends of friends I can’t hold on to.
I must arise and discover my own.
I’ll look deep in your eyes and whisper.
“I’ll be ready when I find you.”

These days we wait, inundated with anticipation.
When that tomorrow hails, we shall know.

26 June 2012

One thought on “These Days We Wait

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