TV Shows

Breaking Bad.  I still consider this one of the best shows ever written.  There is no “fluff” episode.  It’s nothing buildup.  A high school teach becomes a Meth Kingpin.  The slow transition is seamless.  And fucking beautiful.

West Wing.  Likely the smartest show ever written.  This show introduces me to politics as Bush 43 was president.  With these kind of external influences, it is no wonder how I became a raging Bernicrat.

Game of Thrones.  I am not a fan of Fantasy.  Like, at all.  I prefer near-future sci-fi because it something that I feel like I can touch.  But Game of Thrones did something I have never seen before.  It gave us a story of Dark Ages England…and slowly made you realize that this wasn’t England…or Earth…and the magic was introduced so slowly that you really believe it.

3%.  A strange Portuguese Netflix Original that I fell in love with.  The simple question is: How do you build a perfect society?  Much like Hunger Games, this story explores how young people react when they are put through trial after trial….and the results are fascinating.

Everwood.  Forever my guilty pleasure.