Video Games

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Stranger Things. This game got a lot of attention due to the ability to change the path you take through the game but reversing time.  This kind of gameplay is one of the best ways I can explain the mind of a writing.  You lay down a set of characters and events–and try to figure out how your characters will interact with them.  There is no right answer.  Just lots of fascinating results.

Thomas Was Alone.  A beautiful short game that makes you realize you can take on any idea and turning it into a convincing and beautiful story.  This game is literally about a rectangle that becomes sentient and starts down an existential crisis about his existence.

The Talos Principle.  First off, this is the king of puzzle games.  But the underlying story is rather fascinating.  Humans didn’t want to lose everything when they saw that the end was near–so they stored all human knowledge in AI–and that where you come in.

The Civilization Series.  This game mixes my love for history with my love for seeing how differently things could turn out with just small changes.  Each game of Civ is so insanely different that you can’t help but wonder how our world found itself with this particular set of circumstances.

American Truck Simulator.  A game to meditate to.  A game to explore.  Then you realize you can build and empire and the real world starts to disappear.