An Author’s Perspective

I’ve been writing since 8th grade.  Since I am now 23 years old, that means I’ve been writing for about ten years.  When I was young, I used to post my writing on sites such as  As my college years passed by, I discovered the warning from publishers everywhere.  They are all the same.  BEWARE: IF YOU POST YOUR WRITING ONLINE, YOU MAY COMPROMISE YOUR ABILITY TO GET PUBLISHED SOME DAY.  Now I realize the irony.  They are trying to control my writing before I have even sell a single piece.

Writer, editor, agent, and publisher alike understand that the market is changing.  Although I would like to make a living off of my writing, the changes at hand make that incredibly complex.  But I stand by my fellow writers in the idea you will hear far too often.  I WOULD RATHER HAVE PEOPLE ENJOY MY WRITING THAN MAKE A SINGLE DOLLAR OFF OF IT.  It’s a simple as that.  I will post most of my writing on this site.  If you enjoy my writing, there are links where you can purchase my novels.  I have set the price so that I make no money. The novel goes straight from printing to your house ( is incredible).

I enjoy writing on every level.  I started by writing poetry.  It developed into flash fiction and short stories.  By the age of twenty, I completed my first novel.  But creative writing is not always the focus.  I have written dozens of columns to local papers.  I maintain a movie review blog, a blog about minimalism, and a music review blog.  I also ghostwrite on a site called Elance.  Links to all of this can be found throughout this website.

If you enjoy my work, let me know.  If you want to commission a piece, send me an email.  If you want to purchase a book, just follow the link.  My goal is simply to make myself a better writer.  A lot of that has to do with writing every day.  Most of it, however, has to do with experiencing life.  If you have nothing to write about, it doesn’t matter what kind of writer you are.


What do you think?

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