Novel Number Five

As I drove home today, I realized that a strange series of events I’ve been mulling over in my mind would be the perfect opening sequence for a novel I’ve been wanting to write for years.  I just spent the last hour rewriting the outline.  I really want to do this now.  I’m still going to spend a good deal of my writing time editing…but I think I’m going to try writing this book as well.

The thing is, the only way for this story to work is by making it fit into the literary genre.  That means approaching the novel from a third person present standpoint–something I have never been good at.  This will be good practice.  I’m starting to wonder why all my favorite authors stick to a single genre.  I like trying them all like I’m at a buffet.  Sci-fi here. Mystery there.  First person here.  Third Person there.  I love them all…so long as I get to express myself in a new and interesting way.

With Love,

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