Genealogy, Scripts & Geese

Today has been quite an interesting day.  I have 17 days before I fly out whit my family to Connecticut to celebrate my Grandmother’s 80th birthday.  I have a bunch of geneology stuff that I’ve gathered over the years that I want to be able to give them as a present.  One is an audio diary that they gave to the entire family a couple decades back.  I’ve started transcribing it and hope to finish before the trip.

I also just received a ghostwriting job.  The job is to write a script to a seven minute short film.  I got the job because I bid way to low for such a job…because I really want to try writing a script. I can’t wait to get started.  I have a week to write it.  So, I’m going to go start working on that.  Here is day eleven of the 50 Day memory Challenge.  Enjoy.

Day Eleven: The Injured Goose

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