The Everyday Project: Year Six

The Everyday project is one of my alternative creative outlets to writing.  For the past six years, I have taken a picture of my face on a daily basis.  When put in quick succession, it creates the reality of how quickly life changes while showing the slow progress of aging.  I am 23.5 years old….so this project shows 25.5% of my life.  With each passing year, this project means more and more to me.

It’s strange to watch the whole video.  I can see my high school self.  I can tell you when I became popular.  When I went to London.  When I started college.  When I lost a friendship.  Gained a relationship.  Lost a relationship.  Moved.  Became depressed.  Gained weight.  Lost weight.  It all shows itself in this video.  It’s the best way I know to lay everything on the table and take away the truth of someone’s life.  I will always be in love with this project.

Thus far, I have only been able to convince one person to do this project.  The thing is, he got someone to start the project as well.  No matter your age, this is a project I challenge you to start.  Nothing is more rewarding and challenging.  Seeing yourself age is so hard…but so eye-opening.  If you need a little more convincing, check out some of the other projects around the web here.  If you do decide to start the project, let me know.  I’ll link any Everydayer’s video with glee.

With Love,

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