The Peace Corps

I must apologize for my absence over the past couple weeks.  I am still editing the final draft of The Stagner Chronicle in my free time.  The thing is, my life has taken a rather dramatic turn over the last two weeks.  I am set to leave for Peace Corps service in Northern Africa in 47 days.  I am starting to spend my days preparing myself in every different manner possible.  Teaching more often.  Talking with friends about Arabic customs.  Talking with my parents about what will happen within the family over the next 27 months.  Filling out paperwork.  Following news articles about my country.  As the date approaches, I only expect the thought of service to occupy more and more of my time.

I will make one promise to my readers.  Before I leave, I will make The Stagner Chronicle available for sale via  I will do my best to keep the price cheap and allow for very cheap digital copies.  The draft that I am working on is very clean.  It is ready to be published.  This is the first time I don’t want to just pocket a manuscript with the hope of future publication.  I want my fans, friends, and family to be able to read it.  I can’t wait to get it out to everybody.

With Love,

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