The End of Baseball Season


My family and I went to the Rockies Game last night.  I wanted to go to one last game before the Peace Corps.  My family was more excited about the fireworks after the game.  In the end, so was I.  We lost the game…15-5.  It was quite a terrible experience.  But the fireworks after the game were amazing as always.  This is one of the worst seasons we’ve had in a while.  Now, with the end of the baseball season upon us, I have to find a team to root for…while I continue to root against the Yankees.

To go with the theme of baseball, I decided to share one of my best memories at Coors Field in Denver.  This is a memory I haven’t shared until yesterday.  It is a memory that I cherish…and I hope you do to.  Enjoy!

Day Eighteen: Batting Practice


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