Starting to Pack

Today feels like the start of a different phase in my adventure.  I spent several hours shopping to make sure I was ready to leave for the Peace Corps–getting everything from an indestructible water bottle to a Swiss Army Knife.  I now am very close to ready on the packing front.  I am going to spend this evening and tomorrow seeing how everything packs and coming up with ideas.  With 18.5 days until I leave for Morocco, I feel like I need to start preparing.  Since my parents are heading back East for a week, I have a full week to myself to figure out everything I need to.  After that, it’s going to be crazy.

I’m trying to do a few things for myself before I leave.  I want to get in a better reading and writing habit.  More than anything, however, I want to get back into music.  I feel like I lost my love for music over the last year or two.  After going to a metal rock concert with a close friend, I realized I needed to re-explore the world of music.  I think a large reason I haven’t been enjoying music is because I don’t like a lot of modern rock.  So I’ve been exploring 8Track to find some new stuff.  I must say…I’m a little surprised by how much I enjoy Macklemore.

I’m getting more excited about some of the poems I am posting.  Although they are still from my teenage years, they offer something I love.  Teenager writing is so purely emotional.  Even if the poetry isn’t as good as I write nowadays, it is portraying something that I want to recapture.  The ones today are rather quick reads.  Enjoy!

Without You

Who I am

I Don’t Want to Fly Alone.

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