Starting to Pack

Today feels like the start of a different phase in my adventure.  I spent several hours shopping to make sure I was ready to leave for the Peace Corps–getting everything from an indestructible water bottle to a Swiss Army Knife.  I now am very close to ready on the packing front.  I am going to spend this evening and tomorrow seeing how everything packs and coming up with ideas.  With 18.5 days until I leave for Morocco, I feel like I need to start preparing.  Since my parents are heading back East for a week, I have a full week to myself to figure out everything I need to.  After that, it’s going to be crazy.

I’m trying to do a few things for myself before I leave.  I want to get in a better reading and writing habit.  More than anything, however, I want to get back into music.  I feel like I lost my love for music over the last year or two.  After going to a metal rock concert with a close friend, I realized I needed to re-explore the world of music.  I think a large reason I haven’t been enjoying music is because I don’t like a lot of modern rock.  So I’ve been exploring 8Track to find some new stuff.  I must say…I’m a little surprised by how much I enjoy Macklemore.

I’m getting more excited about some of the poems I am posting.  Although they are still from my teenage years, they offer something I love.  Teenager writing is so purely emotional.  Even if the poetry isn’t as good as I write nowadays, it is portraying something that I want to recapture.  The ones today are rather quick reads.  Enjoy!

Without You

Who I am

I Don’t Want to Fly Alone.

The Stagner Chronicle

With the start of my Kickstarter campaign quickly approaching, it is time to unveil my fourth novel.  The title of the novel is “The Stagner Chronicle: The Oral History of the Second American Revolution.”  It is a science fiction/political mashup that takes place in the near future.  Below is a link to the page that contains the first chapter in the novel.

If the novel looks interesting to you, make sure to follow my blog and look back in the upcoming days.  When the Kickstarter campaign starts, you can preorder a copy of the novel for yourself.  There are also plenty of other goodies available–from a bookmark of the revolutionary flag to the poster of the central text of the novel.  I hope you will join me in this campaign.

The Stagner Chronicle

Kickstarter & Video Storytelling

I’m pretty sure I am going to do a Kickstarter campaign to help my latest novel–The Stagner Chronicle–get off the ground.  The website is set up in a way that makes it a perfect alternative to publishing.  I’ve been looking through campaigns similar to the one that I am creating.  Many people were able to meet their goals and surge past them.  I hope I can pull off the same thing.  I’m going to place my goal low anyway.

In order to make a successful Kickstarter campaign, videos explaining yourself are essential.  I made one for the campaign itself.  Then I decided to try reading one of my short stories aloud to provide an example of my storytelling.  It ended up being really fun.  I may start doing this for everything I put up on the site.  I want everyone to tell me what they think.  Linked below is a short story I uploaded a few months ago.  It now has a video at the top of it where I read it with the emotion it was intended to have.  Let me know!

It’s What You’ll Never Know