Video Blogging and Heading to Fes

Tomorrow we head off to Fes for the start of our Pre-Service Training.  From there, I will head to the Atlas mountains to start working with children in a building called the Dalshabob.  It should be amazing.  I am having plenty of up days and couple down days.  It is all culminating on tomorrow when we meet our host family.  Once I get through tomorrow, I think my worries will start to wane.  I’ve been told I will live in a home  owned by a Moroccan solider with two adult sons.

Today I will be uploading one of my most popular pieces from when I was a teenager.  I called it Imminent Death.  I used people I know in short skit crazed situations.  This was a way I got in touch with the side of me I didn’t realize I had until my first really close friends brought it out of me.  Here is the first one.  It is very short.  I am having problems uploading the other nine.  I will try to upload more the next time I am on (I have no idea when that will be).

Imminent Death: Problem With Furbies


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