Spending Time on Yourself

One of the best things about the Peace Corps is that it forces you to confront yourself.  The quote that comes to mind is, “You can never avoid yourself because–no matter where you go–there you are.”  The solitude that comes with service amplifies that.  You get to figure out who you are alone–and in an environment you don’t understand.  You go through endless existential crisis and emotional collapses.  But the most amazing thing blossoms out.  You become a better you.  Spending so much time thinking and realizing the truth about your life forces you to confront your problems head-on.

I am loving this opportunity.  I am finding a way to be a better me while simultaneously being a better friend to the people that I care about.  It’s hard to remold yourself after adulthood, but it is quite nice to see the changes inside me.

Her is day five from the 50-Day Memory Challenge:

Day Five: How She Lost Her Mother Twice


One thought on “Spending Time on Yourself

  1. Couldn’t agree with this more! The Peace Corps has definitely been a time of mental, physical and spiritual growth for me as well. I think we have no choice but to learn a lot about ourselves once we are taken out of our comfort zones away from everything in this world that is familiar to us. For me, this has increased my faith and strength in God because I have realized that no matter where I go in the world, He will follow me. Living in an insecure world, it’s a blessing to find a rock into in the only being that is secure in this universe-God.I’m happy for you that you are growing and changing each day. I’m here if you ever need encouragement or a shoulder to lean on! God bless, Jordone

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