Witnessing a Beautiful Moment

This moment has been with me for the past five hours.  I was t the supermarket behind the orphanage.  As I checked out, I made the lazy decision to take the moving walkway instead of the stairs.  As I walked up to the walkway, there was a 50-year old woman standing there, looking at it.  She was in her hijab, looking really uneasy.  I gave her a smile as I passed by her.  A part of me wanted to help, but I knew that would be inappropriate.

I’m glad I didn’t.  When I looked back at the woman, her husband had caught up with her.  He took her hand and eased her slowly onto the platform.  It took her a couple false starts, but she got the hang of it.  It was so cute. It was one of those moments when I realize I want a love that lasts into old age.

That being said, my next memory is about a wedding:

Day Six: My Sister’s Wedding


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