We’re Going on an Adventure


I remember having a conversation with my father a couple years ago.  I told him that I felt lucky. It was hard not to. As a millennial, our expectations for job security, pensions, and well paying jobs are lower than that of our parents.  Yet here I was with a federal job…that I loved. It was more than I ever anticipated.  

My father latched on to the use of the word “lucky.”  He talked instead about the concept of sacrifice. Giving up todays’ comforts for future security.  As he watched me over the years, that is what he saw me doing. I went to Peace Corps Morocco and gave up all comforts.  I went to New York to start a career despite not knowing anyone there (aside from the beautiful woman who joined me).

The thing is, I always perceived these “sacrifices” as adventures.  I’ve always been curious about the world–and I want to see how different places work and and how the people there live.  The sacrifices were obvious, but always overshadowed by the opportunity to explore somewhere new. That’s what brought my family to North Dakota for 40 days and 40 nights.  Adventure. And the sacrifices that come with it.

So I guess it’s time to announce our new adventure.  I have accepted a promotion. On November 8th, Sofia, Henry, and I will be moving into our new house in Colorado Springs.  It will be my 12th move in the last eight years:

November 2011: Greeley, CO to Fort Collins, CO
September 2012: Fort Collins, CO to Greeley, CO
January 2013: Greeley, CO to Bouderham, Morocco
April 2013: Bouderham, Morocco to Bhalil, Morocco
February 2014: Bhalil, Morocco to Greeley, CO
May 2014: Greeley, CO to Wappingers Falls, NY
April 2015: Wappingers Falls, NY to Beacon, NY
March 2016: Beacon, NY to Beacon, NY (across town)
November 2016: Beacon, NY to Greeley, CO
January 2017: Greeley, CO to Fort Collins, CO
November 2017: Fort Collins, CO to Greeley, CO
November 2019: Greeley, CO to Colorado Springs, CO

I can feel the familiar mixture of excitement and anticipation.  When I moved from New York to Colorado, I was doing the exact same job.  Now, for the first time in a long time, I will be in a new place and starting a new job.  Half of me wants to just get started. The other half of me looks around at all that needs to be packed up and thinks that four weeks isn’t enough time.

But the reality is, we are going on a new adventure.  If Peace Corps taught me anything, it is that adventures are endlessly more worthwhile when you can share them with someone that you love.  That person has now been my wife for more than four years–and she shares my sense of adventure. I hope we can instill a reasonable level of adventure in our son as well.  

Time to start packing.

Career Path

Over the past three weeks, I have jumped head-first into the world of work.  With dozens of applications and about 10 interviews,  I believe I can make a living by being a professional interviewee.  I know how to answer every question thrown my way with examples and results.  Not to mention the fact that every office manager hears me talk about Peace Corps and instantly wants to hear more.  It’s like crack for those in an office setting.

But today threw me a bit.  In an interview this morning, one of my interviewers filled up a ten-minute interruption with a discussion about books about professional development.  I asked him to name a few.  Most of them made sense.  How to Become CEO. Outliers: The Story of Success. I could understand why he was sharing this information with me.  As a young man just out of the Peace Corps and looking to start a career, I am prime yet raw.  Molding is what will turn me into a good employee.  But then he recommended his favorite book.  The Art of War.  I’ve spent a great deal of my day contemplating whether or not I want to read this book and whether or not I would ever want to apply it in an office setting.  I also took a personality test which told me I am INFJ…which explains why I overthought the conversation.  So….I wrote a short poem.  Because that’s what I do.  So there.

The Promotion

Until Next Time.  Enjoy.