Career Path

Over the past three weeks, I have jumped head-first into the world of work.  With dozens of applications and about 10 interviews,  I believe I can make a living by being a professional interviewee.  I know how to answer every question thrown my way with examples and results.  Not to mention the fact that every office manager hears me talk about Peace Corps and instantly wants to hear more.  It’s like crack for those in an office setting.

But today threw me a bit.  In an interview this morning, one of my interviewers filled up a ten-minute interruption with a discussion about books about professional development.  I asked him to name a few.  Most of them made sense.  How to Become CEO. Outliers: The Story of Success. I could understand why he was sharing this information with me.  As a young man just out of the Peace Corps and looking to start a career, I am prime yet raw.  Molding is what will turn me into a good employee.  But then he recommended his favorite book.  The Art of War.  I’ve spent a great deal of my day contemplating whether or not I want to read this book and whether or not I would ever want to apply it in an office setting.  I also took a personality test which told me I am INFJ…which explains why I overthought the conversation.  So….I wrote a short poem.  Because that’s what I do.  So there.

The Promotion

Until Next Time.  Enjoy.

A Long Day of Moving and Editing

I spent four hours of my day helping my mother move out of her office.  After the role I played in getting her fired (or reassigned, as they put it), it was the least I could do.  As I walk away from today, I have a renewed understanding for why I hated working in an office and would prefer never to be a part of one again.  Politics is frustrating enough in a family or set of friends…it’s simply Hell at work.

I’ve started working on the third draft of the novel.  Since there are so few changes necessary, I am breezing through it.  There are 52 chapters in all…and I just spent the past 90 minutes getting through the first five.  A part of me just wants to finish off the draft over the next two days so I can focus on some other projects (like actually starting the Memory Project) while other people look it over.  I’m at least going to continue editing for the next 80 minutes (I hate that the coffee shop in this town closes at six).  Maybe I will continue working at home.

With Love,